Empowering vulnerable young people to create a brighter future

According to United Nations “over one-fifth of all young individuals worldwide were neither acquiring skills through education or work experience in 2018. Young people are roughly twice as likely to be unemployed compared to adults, with the global youth unemployment rate estimated at 11.8 per cent, and this situation is not expected to change substantially in the near term. Being in employment does not always guarantee a decent living and youth continue to exhibit larger working poverty rates than adults. Among young workers in low- and middle-income countries, more than one in three were living in extreme or moderate poverty in 2018. Many youths in developed countries are also living in poverty despite having a job.”

Supporting 1 in 10 jobs globally, the tourism industry can provide a solution. As a growing global industry with an achievable entry level, good career prospects and jobs to offer, tourism has the potential to lift thousands of the most vulnerable out of poverty. Los Cabos is a resort region who had over 3.5 million tourists in 2019.

80% of our graduates have been hired or go on to further their studies after their GHP experience.

At Charity Development of Los Cabos we believe that everyone should have the same opportunities for education and employment no matter their background. We have provided over 130 scholarships for university students since 2006 in our Green Scholarship Program.  In 2019, we introduced a new initiative, the Green Hospitality Program (GHP).

The GHP is a 12-week training course (6-weeks classroom & 6-weeks hands-on).  The training incorporates a comprehensive approach to professional development including: life skills, hospitality basics, English language and essential values.

We invest into young people, 18-25 years-old, who are committed, proactive and have demonstrated leadership skills but are in disadvantaged situations due to low socioeconomic levels.  GHP offers these students the opportunity to gain the skills and experience required to take an important first step in their career.

The GHP is a hospitality-specific program to reduce the unemployment rate of young people in our community.

Our program brings together local non-profit organisations, donors and the hospitality industry to help young people to take their first step in their career and reduce their chance of unemployment, breaking cycles of poverty, addiction, violence and crime.We are seeking partnerships with funders and non-profit organisations to develop this life-changing program in new hotels. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact:

Vanessa Figueroa
Executive Director at Green Scholarship Program
at 624-1574014

To sponsor a student click here

Sponsor a student to acquire training in hospitality $450 USD

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