GSP 2019 get-together

On Saturday, February 23, the Green Scholarship Program had its Seminar of the month with the participation of our scholarship students, our founding president Mrs. Patricia Pratt, Onagh Ash, GSP Board member and Vanessa Sanchez, Executive Director of the Program.

During this time together, the importance of being ONE FAMILY and being agents of change and transcendence in our community was emphasized. Our scholars are people who stand out, not only for their academic excellence, but for their participation in the community and the impact they have in all the activities in which they participate.

During the coexistence activities, the scholars participated in an Arena Castle competition in which the students had the opportunity to use their skills of teamwork, leadership, creativity and communication skills.

Likewise, the participants enjoyed a meal together where each of the students presented different dishes prepared by them. The first place in the competition was awarded, as well as the recognition of the best student of the month: Jose Alberto Sanchez. Alberto has stood out for his work in our organization, giving maintenance to the computers at the office, as well as with the programming of the computer packages for the students of the program. Thanks Alberto for your leadership and dedication!

The Green Scholarship Program continues to grow and making a difference in the Los Cabos community.

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