This Marine Biology Scholarship Program helps conserve and protect endangered fish and wildlife around the world by creating leaders through education.

We currently have 12 GSP students enrolled in this Program.

Through this program these students are blessed with the desire and propensity towards the environment and science, having the opportunity to achieve higher education in order to go forth and make a difference in this world, regardless of their financial status or ethnic diversity.

Meet one of our recent graduates

Nicté Ciau Saavedra 

Graduate with Bachelor Degree in  Marine Biology
Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur (UABCS)

▼ Currently working at Centro de Energía Renovable y Calidad del Aire (CERCA). 

▼ Goals: to complete her thesis, begin her masters degree and work in investigation.

▼ Parents education:  bachelor in basic education and tutor.

▼ Impact of GSP: GSP had a very positive impact in my life because they helped me to continue my education and also provided additional Life Skills. I also met a lot of wonderful people.

▼ Additional certifications: Open water diving certification and Advance diving, as well as First Aid certification. 

▼ Achievements: I am currently working on my thesis on chiton taxonomy and I am actively participating in several air quality projects in La Paz, BCS, as well as promoting this subject through workshops.

▼ Words of appreciation: I am grateful to GSP for their support to help me achieve one of my life goals and allowing me to make my dream of becoming a Marine Biologist a reality. 

To sponsor a student like Nicté and help them achieve their dreams click here.

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